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the smoking nun



I'M OK - YOU'RE OK, so why am i afraid to tell you who i am?


In this city scene each "house" has there own problems......

but not to worry the city is build on the land of Freud, Penfield, and Berne!


An original "Trailer Trash"

Mixed media painting by

Laura "Michele" Edsall

aka Nunpuns

Size: 13" x 24"


Paint, inks, pastels, and Vintage book pages.

The sides are painted black so no framing is needed.

I have attached a hanger to the back.

Signed by the and sealed with varnish.


This one of a kind painting is now on ebay

The Artist

blank pages

I have been reading this book I got from the library...

by Danny Gregory

So far I give it 5 stars!
and so far the book has inspired me to:

1. Start an art journal that I write and draw in every day.
2. Use a pen instead of a pencil for all of my drawings.
3. Think better of my artistic ability.
4. Use more of my otherwise wasted time drawing.

I filled up my last page of a sketch book last night and was a little bummed thinking that I did not have the money to go out and buy another right away. 
(Or the  friggin extra gas to go to the art store)
So I started thinking... my art journal that I started is more like an altered book...I took one of my old books that I have used and abuse already in some of my mixed media paintings and used it for my's really kinda cool so far.
Oh back to what I was thinking...all of the BLANK pages that are in books, you know there are always like one or two in the front and back of every book....and I have LOTS of old book that I use the pages out of for my art just SITTING around. Oh and by the way... just so you know these are the books that my library and the little book store in my library puts in the dumpster because they are soooo old and falling they call me every once in a while and ask if I want any of them before they dump them. So I feel good about being a recycle queen and NOW i'm gonna take all of those blank pages and draw and paint on them! I'm gonna save what little money I have and not go to the art store!
By the way....GWB where the hell is my stimulus check?